#OperationWildflower Essays for Charity

Make money for worthy causes while inspiring each other.

No matter what the headlines say, the majority of us care about each other’s well-being. So, through #OperationWildflower we are giving you a couple of ways to help others with our Essay Collective and book. This is how it works: 

1. Each year we will identify a theme. Write a personal essay or create art about your personal experiences related to that theme and submit it to us. We will publish it on

2. At the end of the year, we will compile all of the essays in a book and print it. We will then sell the book and donate 100% of the profits to a charity we also select each year.

Enter your essay.

Have a story in mind?  Take a look at our submission guidelines. This is also where you submit your essays. 

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Essay Theme 2019

Love Stories

Right now, we need less hate and more love. That's why this year’s theme and book is "Love Stories". We're not looking for conventional romance stories,  but essays about love or the loves in your life and why you mean so much to each other. These love stories can be about a pet,  a family you built yourself, a child, community, loving yourself and more. Simply put, it needs to be about love in any one of its' many forms. 

This year's charity organization is the  Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA).  According to Charity Navigator, it is a four-star nonprofit organization. 


Why Essays?

As individuals, we've always been different from each other, but never divided quite like we are now. Not only do we not understand each other’s struggles, but many of us just don't care anymore. We think someone with a different view represents an enemy—so why should we? 

What we are missing is an understanding of each other's story. In order to bridge the canyon between us, we need to pursue a deeper understanding of where each of us is coming from. Out of that understanding comes empathy.  And then hopefully kindness, mutual respect, and ultimately more unity.