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Cover Art for Inkapus on the Move by author Kristen Maxwell.

Inkapus on the Move

Iggy’s long time home, Crystal Cove, becomes polluted. So, Iggy and a few of his friends set out to find a clean place to live. This proves to be more challenging than they expected — but they don't give up.
8x8 Hardcover

ISBN 978-0-9907453-8-9

Cover art for Good Friends are hard to shake by Author Kristen Maxwell

Good Friends Are Hard to Shake

Iggy loves his new friends, but sometimes he just needs a little break—something they don’t understand. The more he tries to be alone, the more they chase him. It’s all fun and games—until Iggy nearly loses his ink. 

8x8 Hardcover

ISBN 978-0-9907453-6-5


Cover Art for Accidentally Famous by Author Kristen Maxwell

Accidentally Famous

A well-meaning friend submits Iggy’s ink art to a big contest. Iggy finds himself suddenly thrown into the spotlight and totally unprepared—and it only gets more embarrassing from there. Will he ever have a quiet life again?

8x8 Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-9967920-0-4 


Cover Art for Come Be Wild With Me by author Kristen Maxwell

Come Be Wild With Me

In a world driven by devices, this beautiful story invites all to reconnect with nature and each other.  
The lyrical story follows a mother and child into the woods. Away from life and all it's distractions, they find adventure, fun, and healing. 

8x8 Hardcover

ISBN 978-0-996-7920-3-5


Cover Art for What If...Imagine the Possibilities bar author Kristen Maxwell

What If...Imagine the Possibilities

This book asks young children to imagine all kinds of exciting possibilities like "What if people could make rainbows or fly like birds?" or "What if no one got sick and everyone was healthy?". Today's children will shape tomorrow's world—this book can help inspire them.

8.5x11 Hardcover

ISBN  978-0-9907453-2-7

Cover Art for Iggy's Creative Adventure Book by Author Kristen Maxwell

Iggy's Creative Adventure Book

Kids can learn and play with Iggy’s full-color adventure books. Full of puzzles, games, facts and fun, kids will learn about the differences between introverts and extroverts along with interesting facts about their favorite Iggy characters, sea creatures and more!

8x8 Paperback

ISBN 978-0-9967920-2-8

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