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If you are happy with the status quo, by all means, stay where you are. For the rest of you—the ones that have discovered life isn’t perfect, we’re here for you.

If you’re standing at the intersection of “same” and “change”, our books can help you rethink what it means to be you and reimagine a world that is better suited for your happiness.


If you're down with that, visit often. We're just getting started. 

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Like our books? Here's a few videos.

"Come Be Wild With Me" Storytime

Author Kristen Maxwell reads her book, "Come Be Wild With Me"

"Come Be Wild With Me" book trailer

Are you ready to connect with nature and yourself?

Iggy Book Series Trailer

See what the "Quiet Adventures Of Iggy the Inkapus" book series is all about. 

Iggy Storytime Event at Baby Earth

Iggy enthusiasts come out for a special event at Baby Earth.